M923A2 with M923A1 wheels?

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Being new to the MV hobby I've spent a couple of hours digging through the search archives and found some neat threads. But, nothing that have me what I was looking for. I know the CTIS can be bypassed by placing Schrader valves in the outboard side of the wheel? However the 923a2 I'm currently looking at does not have the CTIS provisions on the wheels and upon asking the seller about this he informed me that he wasn't sure why but that the wheels were swapped out with A1 wheels before he got it. So my question is. Is it easy enough to find the correct wheels or are they the same between the A1 and A2 and all I will need is the wheel parts for the system? Or will I need to check all the lines and valves from the hub inward?

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M939A1 wheels have the 5/8" studs and the A2 wheels have the 3/4" studs. A2 wheels can be used on A1 trucks.

The CTIS components on the rear axles of a 939A2 do not interface with the wheel at all, so A1 wheels should work on the rear of an A2. On the front axle, the CTIS valve and protective cover both locate and secure on the studs that hold the wheel halves together. Since these are larger on the A2 wheel, they might not center correctly. The hole in the CTIS counterweight may not center correctly on the A1 wheel either.

I haven't ever put CTIS stuff on an A1 wheel, though. It may work just fine with the smaller stud.
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