WI MEP-804A MEP-804B MEP-805A MEP-806A TRC Voltage Regulator TQG Military Generator


Supporting Vendor
Sherwood, WI
Genuine Technology Research Corporation (TRC) voltage regulator for US Military Tactical Quiet Generator (TQG) models MEP-804A, MEP-804B, MEP-805A, and MEP-806A that are equipped with the TRC voltage regulator. $275 shipped to the Lower 48. This voltage regulator is the correct USGI voltage regulator for the MEP-804A or MEP-804B or MEP-805A or MEP-806A, so long as the generator is currently equipped with a TRC voltage regulator. If you have a generator with a Libby-equipped voltage regulator please look elsewhere, as this voltage regulator WILL NOT WORK; I’m not an electrical engineer, so don’t know “why” you can’t mix and match Libby and TRC parts, all that I know is that if you mix and match Libby and TRC parts you’ll destroy something in your generator. This is a brand new factory TRC voltage regulator that has been professionally converted from 400Hz to 60Hz. This voltage regulator is genuine USGI, so it does support parallel operation and load sharing. I test each of these voltage regulators in my TRC voltage regulator equipped MEP-804B generator to ensure proper function before I ship, but I have absolutely zero control over what you do with it when you receive it, so there is no warranty included with this voltage regulator – please make your decision to purchase accordingly. I’ve decided to sell these voltage regulators, because I’m in the process of selling off the fleet of TQGs that I’ve accumulated over time, and no longer need. Aside from the TQG generators, these voltage regulators, and coolant temperature gauges, I have zero other TQG parts.


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