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Mighty Mite project update


Hillsboro, OR
Wow, there seems to be a dearth of posts regarding Mighty Mites. Although, I can understand that since there are so few of them around. That said, I'm ramping up the work on my MM again. At this point it's all disassembled and the engine is at the machine shop. It was in good/bad shape. Good, with very few miles, bad in that it had sat for over 50 years without being turned over once. Pistons/rings were froze to the cylinder walls. Took two days for the shop to get them out. Pistons/rings and the "jugs" (cylinders) are toast. I've ordered NOS pistons, rings, and the jugs from Daryl Bensinger, who is one of very few suppliers of the MM parts. And MM parts are mostly NOS, since there is NO aftermarket parts for them. When I get the jugs and pistons, I will be sending them back east to Millennium Technologies to have the jugs re-coated with NSC, which is nickel, silicone, carbide mixture for the walls of the cylinders. MT guarantees the coating for life.

Anyway, get that done, put the engine back together, put the rest of the MM back together, and I should have a good running, good looking, fairly rare little "jeep" to run around in. It will go well with my recently acquired 1942 Navy GPW!

Stay tuned.............


Active member
Congrats, i looked at MM, but i heard how hard they are to repair. Great to hear you know some sources. Hope to see pictures.
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