Mighty-mite restomod ideas


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Portland Oregon
Hello group. I just joined this forum to talk about mighty mites. I've been shopping for one lately. I found a few possible options including one that runs good. My main objection is to have a fun super light off road toy that is street legal and can go into places a side by side can legally go. My hesitation is and likely why you can still find these for a reasonable price is finding parts for it. As near as I can tell the engine was only made for these and nothing else.

So I'm thinking about making a restomod out of one and hopefully making it even lighter weight in the process. Basically an entire suzuki drivetrain. All aluminum liquid cooled geo metro 3 cylinder, 55 hp weighs 100 lbs bolts up to a samurai aluminum case 5 speed transmission and transfer case (hopefully be able to find a driveline short enough for this combo). Lighter samurai axles and suspension 51" width without tires. One lithium ion 12 volt battery. It would be some work but I'd rather be a spot where I can get any part I need at the parts store rather than going on mission impossible looking for it or be caught in a place where I simply can't find a part for it or worse not have fun with it because I'm afraid I'll break a part I can't find. Basically just have the might-mite look while maintaining the lightweight function of them.
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