"Military" Rocar bus from Romania


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Hey guys. I wanted to introduce my second bus. At first glance it looks like a typical Romanian bus used for airport shuttling.

"But, but,but, you said military!" Well, the marking on it, are Romavia. Aviation enthusiasts know this "company" as it operated RomBAC 1-11 and B707s all ex Tarom or ex LAR. It was a highly classified airline that was masquerading as a privately owned airline, but rather it was owned by the Defense Ministry, and used for shuttling covertly high level diplomats and politicians, including Romanian Specia Forces. The last flights were bringing back allied troops from Afghanistan to Bucharest (including US personel). Thats where Romavia (the bus) comes in. She picked them up and shuttled them to the terminal, for the last time in 2009. She sat since, but now she's mine.

I initially got her for parts for Olivia, a DAC 112UDM, and since Rocar is just a rebranding (going from the name under commies to the IPO name), all parts were the same. BUT, she only has 30k miles on her, so shes a baby, and minimal rust, no bad rust or dents! So shes now part of my family!

And of course, the story she has. Former hush hush bus, now owned by me! If only the tech to get audio from imprinted sound waves into glass (I saw an NCIS with that LOL) was real, I could have all sorts of cool convos. But alas, Im happy to have saved her. She is still in Romania, while I gather enough dough to ship her over (20k or so...eeks!)

I did mention in my other posts, so I do want to mention here, otherwise I will just ramble on. I have a kind of a "show" on youtube and bitchute called DAC Dynasty. I go over bringing the first bus over, and all the other related stuff. Some of it is borning I admit...Hey, its a one man show! Anyways, here are some photos. The first is while on the Romanian Air Force base (uhoh!) getting her towed out. Her brake cylinders were fused so we had to remove them...by force. And the other is in a safe location at a friends ranch. The first time she saw green grass!

Cheers all, Al DACMan

B90RMV 20181105 1s aiv ovc fal rem air.jpgB90RMV 20181111 1a aiv VL sun fal.jpg
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