MV of the month nominations Nov 20

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All trucks, most big. If you don't have a big truck, or a tank, don't waste your time submitting.
Surely you jest!

I have seen some very nice MV's that weigh in under 500 lbs.... typically those have but 2 wheels and not cab though.

Any and all are welcome.
The voters may choose to pass on anything they are not enthusiastic over.

As I recall, the ground rules of this "combat" forbid campaigning in the NOMINATION THREAD..... Let us wait as ordered until the VOTING THREAD is created.


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All trucks, most big. If you don't have a big truck, or a tank, don't waste your time submitting.
Phoenix77, I absolutely love your trailer & hmmwv. If I had the money, I'd like to send you my M105A2 trailer so you could work your magic on it. Now, my experience with MV of the month is like this. For 2 1/2 years, I entered my M35A2C, & M38A1 in the MV of the month many times, and I think the most votes my M35 ever got was 14 votes, and I think the most votes my work in progress M38A1 got was 5. This last March, I finally won an MV of the month contest with the M35A2C. But a lot has to do with patience, and how you campaign. It's not the size of the vehicle. Tell the voters everything about your vehicle, (history, work you've done, and so on) give them lots of pictures, static and action. So my best advice, is to have patience, campaign like there's no tomorrow, never give up, and have fun.
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I'm just going by the research from 2020: look at this year's MV of the Month winners. With one (1) exception (June), all winners are heavy trucks.
Not bitter, just saying this appears to be the year of the big truck.
There are a lot of different forums and each one is built around a specific vehicle or era. Most of the traffic on this site is geared toward the big trucks so it would only make sense that you would see more big trucks in the monthly competition. Other sites like the G503 is more geared toward WW II jeeps and gear from that era. Now both of these sites have areas for other vehicles but only SS has this monthly competition. I hate to see this competition go away due to lack of participation. I've had several vehicles over the years entered and I didn't win but that's okay. It doesn't much matter if someone votes for my stuff or not as I don't take it personally. I don't vote for my own vehicle or anyone else when I'm competing. I know your just stating the obvious and not taking this competition personally. I hope this makes sense.
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