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MV of the Month October 2021

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Columbus, Georgia
Welcome to the October 2021 MV of the Month Nomination Thread!

To submit a nomination the rules are :

1. - You may nominate your own vehicle or another SS Members vehicle (please get the member's permission first). Do not nominate vehicles not owned by an SS Member.

2. - ONE good photo must be submitted with your nomination. PLEASE POST ONLY ONE PICTURE AND NOT A LINK!!!

3. - Previous winning vehicles from the current year cannot be re-nominated.

4. - One vehicle nomination per member per month unless you nominate another member's vehicle...not your own. You can ONLY nominate ONE of your own. (It's to keep things fair).

5. - We ask for 10 vehicles per month for the contest. Once we get 10 vehicles nominated OR at 20:00hrs (8PM) on 15 October 2021, (whichever comes first), the nomination thread will close and the "Vote Thread" will open as soon as The Boss can open it. All times listed are Eastern Standard Times.

6. - Please do not "campaign" for your favorite MV on THIS thread...wait for the "Vote Thread" then have at it!!

Now come on folks, let's see those beautiful MV's you have so we can all enjoy them.

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Sparta, MI
Well, I guess the only thing to do is nominate @kendelrio ’s Bertha

View attachment 847052
When it comes to 5 tons, I think of this truck, lol. I watched Demolition Ranch yesterday when he did that truck pull with his 5 ton and that armored suburban, I think Big Bertha here wipes the floor with Matt's 5 ton. Add a mean brush guard with a winch bumper and some skulls on it, we got some Mad Max kinda stuff right there!
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