Need Documentation On MRAP LED Interior Lighting Kit


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Been a lurker for a while reading but now I need some information so, I hope I'm posting this in the correct location.

I recently picked up what was described as an MRAP interior LED lighting kit, listed as:

P/N MRP22360
LRIP 9 Interior LED Lighting
System Retrofit Kit

NSN 2590-01-579-4922
Modification Kit, Vehicular Equip

I believe it's BAE manufacture, from what I've found, and has 6 Grote White/Blue dome lights similar to the 82400 (mine has 4 white, 4 blue) with associated harnesses and hardware.

My problem is that it only came with a packing list, no installation instructions like every other military parts kit/upgrade kit I've bought. Each of the parts are labeled consistent with an instruction sheet that isn't there.

Seller says he doesn't think the kits came with any instructions.

I've been working on toning out the leads on the harnesses trying to match everything up but it's getting tedious so I figured I'd check here to try and save some time and sanity.

Anyone have any installation instructions associated with this kit?

I suppose I could run power straight to each of the lights but I'd really prefer to use the existing harness since it would make for a cleaner install and that was a big reason for buying it.



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If you can post pictures I might be able to help
Wow! Forgot all about this thread. :mrgreen:

Here's a picture of it from the original sale listing:


I can get some more detailed ones if you need them.

I haven't installed it since I've been working on a ton of other stuff with my HMMWV this is going in.

I did get in touch with BAE in June of last year and one of their project managers was nice enough to provide the following in regards to the harness:

J1090 is a rear door open switch connector
PX51 is a front dome light switch connector
PX52 is the rear dome light switch
J1092 looks as if it ties into the main harness on the Caiman or the dimmer module
P278 was the blackout signal for the system

He also said it's a 12v lighting system.

Beyond that I haven't really dug into the kit to see if any of that actually helps and, it's been sitting in a box until I build out more of my interior. If you've got any other info, however, that would be great!


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I got a KIT too, but I think I might be able to re-use the "siren" hookup up for electircal partially on my LMTV.

The part I do not understad is the mechanical one.., how to attach the LED lights. I have openings about the size of the light, but there is no backing to drive the screws into..

I think I need something like self tightening clips , which would attach to the sheet metal.... Any ideas?
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