Nevada M1009


Ely and Vegas Nevada
Yes serious. It is a State owned Veh that we picked up at DRMO about 10 years ago. I think we have 2 I will have to look. For all the bad reviews I have seen about them, our just keeps going and going. We have the padlock on the fuel door because we have to have a supervisor present when we re fuel. It has been filled up a few times with Mogas . The staff response was "Oh I didn't know it was a Diesel, I just though it was running rough!" Also amazing how many people under 30 have no clue on driving a stick but that's a new thread for another day.


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Good looking truck.
It's been converted to manual transmission?
I learned to drive stick by buying a old Jeep with a manual. The guy I bought it from gave a ride around the block in, we agreed on a price and then I had to get it on the trailer. I did grind the gears a few times but figured it out. Clutch in, gas and shift.


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Just like anything, take care of it and it will last.

Sounds like they've been trying to kill yours, but it's still surviving.

Drive mine everyday and leave the new duramax parked.
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