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urbana il
My employer has a flair for off road trucks. He is a Toyota land Cruiser Guy. Last Friday he calls Me and introduces Me to the "new" M-37 he just bought. It's a great buy, no rust, and it's not beat up. We got it to run today. But it quit after 5 minuets. Won't start. Acts like there is no spark. We had to jump the on switch, as it had come apart. Maybe our jury rig cam apart, who knows. Any Ideas where to start looking? Did I mention it is all original 1953? It's missing the pintel, and front blackouts. Otherwise it's unmolested!!!!~!

Where can I find the power switch? We need that now to go any further.


John Mc

Monkton, VT
By "on switch" Are you referring to the battery disconnect switch, or do you mean the ignition switch?

VPW has ignition switches. I've never checked, but I wouldn't be surprised if they had battery disconnect switch is also.

As a temporary measure, you can get by with a simple toggle switch in place of the ignition switch. It's not a particularly high amperage circuit, so you don't need anything special here.

The battery disconnect switch is a different story: you need something that can handle higher amps.
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Karl kostman

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Fargo ND
VPW are good folks although I cannot even bring myself to look at my stack of invoices I have gotten from them over the last year but with that said better me than my WIFE!!!!
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