new to the MV crew seeking any and all general info and suggestions


So to start I have always wanted a MV and finally settled and purchased a 1992 BMY M934A2. I have basic mechanical knowledge as I repair all my vehicles myself but this is just beyond anything I have encountered. Nonetheless I am beyond elated to get right into it with hopes of making this a welding rig/fun vehicle (as if just driving it wasn't fun enough). I am not sure this Is the best category to post on this forum but any and all information on tools, do's and don'ts, common faults or things to be aware of in general with safety being key would be greatly appreciated. To add this vehicle has just over 22000 miles on the clock all items are in working order minus the CTIS (will likely plug it off) refurbished in 2011 at about 20000 miles was driven to WI to UT with a full service to it before the journey over. No moisture or contaminants out of a cold start on the turbo 8.3 though the seller did mention the fuel had been cranked up a bit does burn a bit pulling from a stop but I assume that is fairly normal. Anyways excited to be a part of this forum any and all answers welcome!



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Welcome aboard :grin:

Find a bunk, stow your gear, and prepare to get underway :driver:

It's good that you are already seeking pertinent information to safely and properly own, operate, and maintain your MV - which, by the way looks wonderful.

Rather than shot-gunning info to you, I suggest you go to the SS homepage and begin looking through the Forums that interest you. There are, as of this post 147,872 Threads on this website. And, they are SEARCHABLE too. Within those threads, there are archived 2,045,226 individual Posts (as of my typing this). They too are searchable once you've gotten into the Thread. Finally, at present we have 91,561 Members. This site is AWESOME!

So, grab some coffee, get comfy, and start wandering the website and reading.

I'd also suggest that you start with the TM's - Technical Manuals - for your specific truck. They are here, and FREE.

Surely, others will also be chiming in as they see your post who are more knowledgeable than I about your truck's model and details. We have a, M32A2 Deuce, a XM818 5-Ton Semi-Tractor and a couple of trailers.

So, again - WELCOME ! ! !

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