Newly Purchased M37 All New Drivetrain


Litchfield, Illinois
I just made a road trip to North Carolina to pick up a 53 M37. I picked it up at M Series Rebuild in Norwood. Those guys do some beautiful builds. Check them out.

The truck I purchased is missing the engine, transmission, axle center sections, and the tailgate. It does have an original artic top that needs some work.

I plan to upgrade all of the running gear. On the way back, I stopped in Kentucky to pick up a set of axles (front high pinion king pin Dana 60 with 4:56 gears, Detroit Locker, high steer with heim joints and PSC hydro assist ram - rear FF 14 bolt with shave kit, 4:56 and Detroit Locker, forged yoke, pinion guard, and disc brake conversion). I also purchased 4 wheels and tires from the same guy. They are 40 inch Maxxis Creepy Crawler tires on Raceline 17 X 10 Monster beadlock wheels. They really were too good of a deal to pass up.

I am thinking running an LS engine with a Ford NP435 and 205 transfer case. It is fairly easy to adapt this transmission to a GM bell housing.

I have a lot of questions and am hoping for some input from you guys. I have tried to do a lot of homework, but I think I come up with more questions than answers at times.

I have read that the stock springs work very well, and that between the frame design and the springs, the M37 flexes very well. Some have said the springs aren't up to the heavier axles. I removed a rear stock wheel/tire, and set it at the proper height for the new 40 inch tires. It looks like they fit well at stock height. The front looks like it needs raised 2-3 inches. Should I go to a more modern spring like something for a GM -2.5 inches wide)? I think either way I will need to modify the stock front spring mounts?

As for the body, I haven't decided what to do. I may build a tailgate. The bed has some rust that needs repaired, and someone welded steel onto the front bed sides for? I will repair the rust holes, but I do kind of like the rat rod look. Still not sure what to do there.

I have previously built an M715 (sold the M715-that was dumb) and M38 (sort of). I restored/ modified the bodies on them. I guess time will tell.

It has been a while since I posted here. Feel free to give me your 2 cents. Here are a few pictures.

Resized_20201231_123635.jpegResized_20201231_123506.jpegResized_20210101_095145.jpegIMG_1122.JPGM715 011915.jpg
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