North Carolina FMV Legislation


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North Carolina
Looking for a good template to start a letter writing campaign in hopes to adopt laws pertaining to the licensure and registration much like they have in Texas. Does anyone have a good template from past attempts I can start with? These are not commercial vehicles and the 35 year limit is a little ridiculous considering the influx of Humvees, and M93X that are currently on NC highways with commercial plates. Thanks in advance.


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Ft. Bragg, NC
While I'm all for it... There are other things wrong with NC licensing that need to get fixed first... like the reason I have to license my Ram 2500 as a "weighted" vehicle and subject to higher $tuff even though I don't do any towing. Yet, the Ram 1500 that's towing a 20' trailer every day of the week, doesn't.

NC has some really nice laws on the books: the use of historic license plates instead of the state issued antique plate; not mandating small trailers get licensed.
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