Official 2019 Steel Soldiers Georgia Rally (19SSGR) - Georgia Military Vehicle Rally

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Leesburg, GA
I've already got my cabin reservations changed to the revised dates so Welder1 and I will just send it. M923 overloaded with firewood and pulling an M1102 with an M35A2 W/W truck wishing my 5 ton could pull the hills better. Worse come to worse, the Rally get's canceled and we don't get the opportunity to trail ride and see all of our friends. There'd be no swap meet if the event is canceled. Look up Kaye's Keep across from the main lodge. If you go hungry around us, you didn't show up. I hope there is a good turnout and keep in mind, I drove my 5 ton up in 2017 after breaking my foot in September and putting the crutches on the passenger seat for the then October event.


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Columbus, Georgia
That just begs so many questions about the society we live in today — all of which I’ll avoid in this forum. Instead, may I offer a suggestion... in lieu of protesting the color of the sky, why not protest vehicles painted anything other than OD, camo or tan!
OK...I'm on board with the peaceful protest theme.

However, may I suggest we protest radical protesting?? Ya see....that way covid-19 won't be an issue because it can't spread in a protest where thousands of folks get together and protest stuff as long as they don't work, have a religious function or a funeral......unless guvment officials attend,

Besides, the election will be over so covid should die out by then.


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Hello All

I haven't spent much time on the site for a year or so and it's time to get back to it. The Denton, NC event was canceled and the GA Rally is the next closest event sooo.....

If i come (with or without Nancy) I'll be bringing a 24' camper and a heap of nasty old MV junk....err, highly collectable stuff with a patina.

The only other time we made the GA Rally was 2017 when we brought a commercial cargo trailer and camped out of that so this would be my first trip with a camper. Are there any RV sites in the rally field with 30 amp electricity? And if so can someone point me to a map or some other way to figure out which sites to look at and book?

My thanks to all who have stepped up for their efforts to make this happen. As the outdoor oriented youth character develpoment program I was working on through several regional schools districts has been cancelled nationwide for at least the next academic year and there are sure no climbing classes to teach right now I can arrive early or stay late as needed to help out.

Again thanks and best regards to all,

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