Ok I'll pop in here too

Bob H

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Introduced myself on the M880 board a while back.

My 1st MV was and is a 1944 GPW
Have some info posted on www.GPW.da.ru
This June 44 GPW was turned over to the British Army way back when. The British rebuilt this jeep back in 1953 in Germany and they retired it from active duty in Germany on August 31st, 1961
How it got back to the states is still a mystery.
I received documentation on this GPW from the Museum of Army Transport in England

Unfortunately when the British Army rebuilt this they replaced the glove box door and did away with the data plates, the info that I have on it was derrived from the frame # and the British data tag.
My GPW project has been on hold for over a year now<img src="emoticons/icon_smile_sad.gif" alt="Sad"> Hope to start on it this winter again.


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Hi Bob, I have seen you post things over on the Gee. I jump between these two sites. Both are interesting to me. I hope you can start working on your jeep soon. I have mine stored 50 miles away from where I live right now. It is a 1943 Mb. Painted bright yellow ba someone who took time to do a great paint job. Almost all of the military gear was removed and the holes brazed shut with brass. It has what I think is a civilian L head engine which runs great. The trans is a T90. The last guy that had the vehicle did the butchery. He did not even have the transfer mounted to the cross member. He drove it that way for a long time. I have since used an M38 drop style cross member with some brackets I made to fit on the original MB frame mounts, withought having to do any more butchery. I think I'll leave the later drivetrain as they work so well. It still has the original copper core radiator that has about 90 tubes in it's core. About all I need is to finish installing the original type steering system. The last guy had put in a Saninaw steering box and a steering column from a late wrangler. What a mess. The frame is very good. I bought a complete set of repro combat rims and new tires for it. I paid $2,000 for it and will have that much into it before It hits the road. The sump for the fuel tank has been changed as was the floor in that area. That's it for rust. I think I got a good deal. George

Todd Haley

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<font color="blue">Hi guy's!
Glad to see you all here! Hey Dilvoy, I got a few extra parts ,let me know what your looking for and I'll see if I have it<img src="emoticons/icon_smile_thumzup.gif" alt="Thumb Up">
</font id="blue">


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