Picked up a PRC-77 today. (The beloved Prick E-7!)


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I picked thos old girl up from @timntrucks today.

Super clean radio, came with the backpack, 2 antennas, (the short "blade" one and the folding 10') and one that looks like the old spout of an old oil can spout (if you're old enough to remember those):


(At least I **think** thats an antenna)..antennas...

Here she is in her glory:



Now, being the good Steel Soldier that I am, I have found some TMs for it and also an instructors manual for a ROTC instructor and am reading it.

Here's my question:

I'm pretty sure the magnesium battery that came with it is kaput (even though it was unopened); does anyone have a link to any of these
a: the battery adapter that holds D cells

B: the battery adapter to connect it to 12-30vdc via a vehicle

C: a battery that fits that is rechargeable

I have a testing procedure once I get a good power source, but I may need help with that too.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated.
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