Rebuild almost complete.


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London England
I have progressed well with the truck, (My GMC M135),
I installed a newly manufactured fuel tank.
I could not fit the reconditioned master cylinder or air pack due to arm injury.
But, young bennym45 swung by yesterday, And just like 'road runner' Helped me service the OT65G, (We had a drive out in that). Then he asked "how is the gmc doing"?,
No can do, shoulder bust.
"Shift out ' the way then".
Ok I will help you,
NO, You won't.
Six spanners and some hard work later, In just 45 minutes! benny had the master cylinder on and piped up.
He had to leave then, But I was encouraged to go out to the workshop early today, And lift the hydraulic booster up into position, (With one hand).
The pain was creeping back in the other shoulder just the same...(and so). I managed to insert the three fixing bolts to hold it,
(And) Being, (Finally!), Sensible, I will wait for one of the kids to come by next and bolt it up and fit the piping.
Benny I hope because he is one quick and dynamic young fitter. (On the vehicles ( I have trained him on over six years))..
I Just received a phone call, tiny gpw11 said he would like to help finish the job, and have a look at our new OT65G.
That we will do, (As), I have all three of the boys, And the polish chap (One of the boys father), coming on Friday, So the controls of the OT65G will get translated, And Instructions given,
Also, Hopefully, , The GMC M135 will be finished off, The brakes will be bled, And then (hopefully), A drive out in it, ..At long last.
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