RF-5033 / 5833 amp success!


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We had a very productive day here in California yesterday. We were able to get all three of our RF-5033 amps up and running and repaired one of the PRC-138s. Only one of the amps would actually transmit, the other two would generate an A30-F01 error code and do nothing even though everything we were told was that the amp would generate the error code but then would continue working. All three R/Ts would pass their individual self-tests with no errors. After much board swapping and investigation we suspected a firmware revision to the A3 CPU board in the amp was the problem but couldn't confirm it until yesterday.

We bought 10 of the 28F010 Flash RAM chips and one of the MiniPro100 programmers online. That was the easy part. We managed to locate a damaged A3 board and that allowed us to practice removing the surface mounted chip and to make sure that the programmer was able to read it. After that was done we disassembled my 5033, the only one of the three that would transmit and removed the A3 board and Flash Ram chip. We copied the firmware program and burned it into one of the new chips. After reinstalling the new chip and reassembling the amp our first test proved that we could do it and the amp worked fine confirming the firmware copied correctly.

We proceeded to open up the other two amps and install the rewritten RAM chips in each of them and both of them came back up and transmitted! We now have 3 fully functional RF-5033 amps up and running!

If you have or know anyone else that has an RF-5033/5833 amp that exhibits the A30 F01 error code we burned 6 more of the Flash Ram chips and can help them remove the nuisance error from their system.
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