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I am new to the site and want to make sure I'm not violating any rules.

I have a small collection of old military firearms that I was going to post pictures of in my profile. Are there any issues with that or should I just keep it MV and keep this hobby to myself?:?:


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it is sad the way things are headed, everything is so PC, you have to watch what you say almost anyway, somebody may be offended or worse. i don't blame Chris for worrying about this and reactions to whats said on this site, he has put a lot of time, money , caring, and love to make this the PREMEIR MV site on the net, all could be lost by ONE post that to us there is nothing wrong, but to somebody else the worst thing said or could be taken as a danger or threat, Chriis has put his own feelings , thoughts, and believes aside to make SS what it is, its a shame that in the USA he has to do that, but he did what he had to do. i see this PC stuff as crap but that's the world we live in. this is my rant for the week.
i for one will do nothing that will ever put SS in jeopardy, if that means holding my tongue so be it, and if i do say something that should not be said on SS,, i hope one of the MODS catches it and either edits or removes it
so thank you Chris and the MODS for making my world a lot better place with SS, a ray of sunshine in a dark world
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I agree with Scarecrow1 and others above. I know I have enough problems just trying to stay MV related.
I darn sure don't need to add in guns even though I don't have any and neither do my friends.
ALL of the weapons you may see from time to time on our trucks are either "rubber duckies" or Airsoft replicas so theres not much to say about them.:cry:


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I would like to address posts about guns here on SS. Please don't post guns for sale, breech modifications, de-mil cut repair, or anything else that would get the ATF excited. There are plenty of guns websites out there so go to one of those if you want to talk about guns.

The exceptions to this rule are gun rings, pintle mounts, turrets, etc... that are mounted to our trucks, APC's, and tanks. It is also OK to talk about replica weapons for the purpose of historical displays and combined MV/Gun shows.

Just use your common sense and don't post things that could put yourself or the SS site in jeopardy. Thanks!
All -

Be advised that the fastest way to kill a discussion forum is by the users giving the owner(s) heartburn.

There are plenty of places to discuss topics other than military vehicles.




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Check my signature, moderator!

:?:Do you think it is in the best interest of SS to change my "signature", Moderator? If so, please met me know and it will happen;-)


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:?:Do you think it is in the best interest of SS to change my "signature", Moderator? If so, please met me know and it will happen;-)
While I'm not a moderator I'd guess the comment about your rights to free speech and to bear arms to be OK. The issue under discussion concerns neither. The constitutional right to "free speech" only applies to speech as controlled by government. It does not apply here. This website is private property and the owners can set any rules they want.

To answer the question regarding the appropriateness of posting pics of a firearm collection, re-read the second paragraph of Chris' first post. It's pretty clear and in this case the answer is "NO".

We all need to be aware that when on this website we have no RIGHT of "free speech" What we do have is the PRIVILEGE to participate here as long as we follow the rules.



I'll go along with all of what Chriss is saying, and beyond the obvious, heres why.: I belong to several weapons forums ie. guns, pistols, rifels and shotguns, along with AOW's (any other weapons). And I'll tell you this..... man some of those sites are anarchy..... with the places frequented by some real strange birds. Rudness and verses them and everything in-between. They have virtually turned psycho on alot of issues. There are some with pretty tight rules of etiquit, but that appears NOT to be the norm. I can see how it would go hay-wire here on Steel Soldiers, and personally hope it's never allowed.

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i agree fully lets keep it about mvs . just a word of advise if you are out doing something questionable do yourself a favor and dont take incriminating pics .:roll:thats always a bad idea:-D


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When I'm at someone's house I play by there rules . It dosen't matter what my opinion is house rules apply , will do thanks for the notice .

I disagree with them, but I abide. It is not legally possible for SS to face any kind of criminal or civil penalties for allowing firearm discussions.

However; his house, his rules.


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I'm like GoHot, with diverse hobbies including collecting National Geographics (complete back to Jan 1906) and repairing 35mm Konica SLR cameras. But this forum is about MILITARY VEHICLES, so I try to keep my posts on this forum oriented towards its intended function, and post threads more related to my other hobbies in places where like minds will gather.

Some times there might be a little overlap between related hobbies, but by keeping posts related to the primary function of a site, it is easier to find information quickly using the search engines to pinpoint authorative sources. (closes 25 cent dictionary and ends rant)

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There are gun sites, and there are truck sites.

I use my guns on the range, and upon criminals, stupid enough to make me use them, in my lawful profession.

This green truck site is the best one that I have ever been lucky enough to stumble across.
There is no way that I will do anything to put this site in jeapordy.
If I feel like yapping about a range day, or letting off steam about the things that I see on the streets,
that is saved for a very few close friends, in the confines of the mess.

This is not the place!

Park the politics, and let's get back to Big Ugly Green Trucks!
My question would be this! Would it be appropiate to post pictures of replica weapons on military vehicles and with individuals at rallys,shows,etc ? An example would be the Arlington Aircraft Show and Military Vehicle Parade. These weapons are accessories and a part of these vehicles and a part of their heritage. I would think most of them are full size "Replica's". I for one will not jepordize this site and will accept tte answer of the question to my question. Thank you for your consideration in this matter. If this question sounds dump then I apoligise.


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I agree with playing by th SS rules . I also feel if someone is going to do something illegal , then post it on the web LET THEM , they must be a very irresponsable person and need to be dealt with . That way the ATF will have a much easier job finding and prosecuting them .
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