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Maybe it's just me, but why is the search function so damn useless. I may need a tutorial, but all I get is crap out of it. For example I typed canvas shift boots in and I got everything from boots for your feet to shifter problems.

Anybody have any advice?



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The trick to search is to narrow the search down enough that you can find what you need without narrowing it down so far that you miss what you need.

For instance, were I going to look for the posts about canvas shift boots, I would go to the advanced search section ( Steel Soldiers::Military Vehicles Supersite - Search Forums ), then I would use "canvas AND boots" as the search words, then I would narrow it down to the deuce forum (no need for the system to search through the CUCV, Jeep, CCKW, etc. forums).

Now, down at the bottom left of the page, you will see you can tell the system to display either threads or posts. Displaying threads will only show thread titles while posts will show what was actually written.

Now, the thread I linked you to the other day that Maccus started, it's a good thread about these boots, with the contact info for the guy who made them and such. But in re-reading it just now, I noticed something. Nowhere in the thread does the word "canvas" appear!

This brings up another thing. The system can only search for the words you ask it for, like boots. It doesn't know the difference between boots on your feet vs. boots on your shifter.

When I do a search; if I come up with nothing on the first try, I re-try with different search words.

Like your search.... I would have started with "canvas AND boot", but after that didn't come back, I would have done "shifter AND boot". The trick is to try and think about the words the average poster would use in a thread.

canvas & boot:

shifter & boot:

The search terms I had the best luck with were "shifter & boots":

This netted me Maccus' recent thread with all the info.
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