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Genset is pad mounted at fire station for backup power. Need to secure the doors/pane;s to keep kids out and idiots from the fuel tank. Any good solutions?

Currently thinking an eyebolt near each latch and run a chain thru all the eyebolts with a padlock on the two ends. A steel or alum panel with eyebolt to cover the fuel cap area. Hasp for the control panel door. Not in love with it but quick/cheap.


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Maybe modify all the existing latch's to "lock" them. A low buck method would be to drill and tap a hole in each latch plate. Position the hole so that when a bolt is screwed into the tapped hole from the outside it prevents the latch from rotating. Use an uncommon bolt such as a security torx.

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If it's adjacent to the building in back or side, I would suggest a "lean-to" type treated wood support for a small metal roof section and then acquire some chain-link fence sections (often found on CL in the free section down here in FL) and build a fenced-in area with a padlocked gate--these can also be found for free or cheap online.
Another option for fencing, you can buy (16' long x 5' tall) horse fence sections like these:

Make two cuts 4' from each end and install your posts for a 4'x8' footprint. Use one end as the gate section or make another cut in the 8' section for the gate. Barbed wire can add another layer of security.

Understand this is a little more work than eye bolts and a chain but it will better protect the generator from the elements and the "vermin"...
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I did some research on lockable handles for my generators earlier this year. What I found was not cheap.....

I THINK what we need is a "2102-S D-RING HANDLE LOCKING® SMALL SIZE TWO POINT". The problem for me was 7 latches x $44/latch + shipping hurt too much. ~$350 was just too much for me to spend. Your org. may be able to get a discount that would make it worth while. But you'll still need to find a locking fuel tank cap.....

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Why not go simple? Mount one of each of these: one on each door, and the lock on the body. Use a metal reinforcing plate behind each mount (just some flat metal stock from anywhere with drilled clearance holes). Then user some Tampertorx ( fasteners with lock washers and jam nuts inside of the case to tighten it all up. With a padlock on the outside, no way a casual passerby is defeating it.

Those links are for demonstration only... I didn't take any sizing info into play... just to show you the concept.

You could also fab up a nice thick piece of sheet metal on hinges mounted above the fuel entry (parallel with the ground), all done up in the same manner with tampertorx and a lock mounted down low.
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