SINCGARS Alternative Power Supply (ASAPS)

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Picked this up on the auction last week.

The story goes there was a guy that bought millions worth or milsurp and recently died, the family is selling all the stuff. The guy at the yard told me that was one of six locations in the US, and that there was at least $3Million in that location.

So anyway, picked this up for $55 and am wondering what to do with it. I'm a little surprised it only makes 5 amps to each of the six slots; doesn't seem like enough to power a radio. It looks almost new, and everything is there like hardware and some stuff I haven't figured out yet.

The Multi SINCGARS Power Adapter (MSPA) also known as the Advanced SINCGARS Alternative
Power Supply (ASAPS) is designed to power six SINCGARS radios using 110VAC and/or 12VDC
(supplied by a vehicle battery). While fully capable of operating from either an 110VAC or 12VDC power
source, the MSPA is more effective when both are used together because the vehicle battery acts as a
UPS for your radios. The AC power source not only provides power to operate the SINCGARS radios
but also charges the vehicle battery. The MSPA is designed to stand upright, but can be used lying on
its side or back. The MSPA is fielded with a green transport case.
I've got the manual.

Not sure what to do with it. I could mount it on the wall in the garage and run some car stereo from it.



SF Bay Area
Sincgars only put out 4w on high. The BB2590 batteries they are powered by in manpack configuration can only provide 4 or 5a per 12v section.

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