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Vallejo, California
Hi all, :D I am currently MVless but am looking to purchase one. I'm doing alot of research but can't seem to find one that works with most of my requirements. I am Operations Officer for my NJROTC and often need to tote a lot of equipment around for competitions and a place to use as a sort of base camp at the same competitions. I'm also in a re-enactment group and could really use a place to hold more equipment and to sleep for weekends out of town. I want to be able to use it as a daily driver for the larger part of the week. I know alot of people who specialize in all sorts of military vehicles, both US and non-US, so I'm not really worried about being stuck with mechanical problems.

I've definitely been looking at a Pinzgauer 710M or K but I'm quickly realizing that it may be out of my price range. My budget is pretty low so I need something that also isn't that expensive. So what do you folks think would be best or does anyone out there have a cheap Pinz they'd like to get of their hands? :?:


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Comstock, TX
Keep looking for the 710M. It is a very versatile machine. Check some of the Pinz sites, or sign up on them and you will be surprised how often they pop up because the owners need to get rid of them usually for reasons other than dissatisfaction with the truck. Good luck.


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Any MV will work for that commute...around here it is 60 miles or more to the nearest city of consequence and we have to go out of state to get to a walmart...


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Ephratah, New York
How about an M109A3 shop van?, great sleeping accommodations, plus room to carry much stuff, fun to drive, turns heads, cheap to purchase, I have one for sale. John T
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