Soft Doors Safe On a Humvee

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I hoping to buy a Humvee soon, I was wondering if soft doors have locks and is the vehicle easier to break into with soft doors or the same with hard doors. Where I live there isn't many Hard door humvees for sale but there's lots of soft door ones. Is it safe to leave it on the street or parked in the driveway with soft doors if it has locks?


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HMMWVs are not "secure" vehicles with respect to parking and storage unless you add something inside that locks and is well-mounted. Anything you leave laying inside the vehicle is fair game to someone "going shopping". Sort of like owning a convertible car, where anyone with a box cutter has a "key" to get in your vehicle if they really want to.

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I second what Bulldogger says. Look at ways to disable your HMMWV rather than trying to keep people out of it. Only way to "secure" your HMMWV from intrusion would be to get hard doors all around, replace the latches with all locking latches (aftermarket add-on), and ensure that you have a full hard top and back wall. That will at least make it so your vehicle would need to be picked, smashed, or significantly disassembled for someone to get in.

I find you're betting off setting the steering wheel cable lock, adding a keyed battery cutoff switch to disable all power, and possibly adding additional disabling actions, like a keyed switch for disabling the fuel pump or other critical item. Beware of basically every keyed switch advertised as for military vehicles: it will probably fail early and in spectacularly unexpected ways (like your starter cranking endlessly while your truck is parked until overheating or killing the batteries). Stick to just sourcing your own parts from known heavy equipment brands, like Grote or Blue Sea Systems.
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