South Korean M35's doing the job.


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Surely you jest?

Not Kia's, really I was not aware that they are kind of a direct copy, or are they their own design?
The older ones were direct copies with a different engine. The newer ones have more changes such as the front sheetmetal design. All the “NOS” deuce windshields available now as well as many other parts are Kia made.


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Probably an Australian-built Holden.

The KM250 is what the M35A3 SHOULD have been.
M35A3 Franken Hood 2.jpgM35A3 Franken Hood.jpg
I agree. The M35A3 started out with good intensions, but along the way the thought process failed. Take the hood. The first time I looked at an M35A3 hood, I thought of Frankenstein. After cutting the old hood in half, then cutting the strips to widen and lengthen the hood, drilling the holes, installing the rivets, and installing new side handles, it probably would have been cheaper and better to just make a new hood. 2cents
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