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A friend of the Museum had his jeep towed to the Museum with a no crank issue, troubleshoothin found the issue to be the starter locked up. Pulled the starter and found that the front capscrew that holds the spring to the bendix had come out and wedged itself between the bendix and housing. The bendix looks new. Pulled it apart thinking an easy fix, but found the following. The bendix out of the starter is on the right, the one on the left is out of a donor for a bolt and lock tab. The new one does not have the cogged lower part that engages on the rear boss on the other end of the spring. What drives the new bendix? I am thinking that the reason the bolt has come out is that the spring/bolt are being driven on the little tabs on the rear of the bendix and not the cog/slot/key like on the old donor starter part. The rear bolt is loose also on the starter. Anyone seen this before? Is the part on the right correct? bendix.jpebendix1.jpe


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Hi. I had troublelike that. Found out the flywheel had been changed at some time and the starter bendix did not match.
I found this that may help you.
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