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Steel or stainless brake lines


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Rhode Island
I have an M51A2 dump and I would like to know if anyone sells pre-made steel or stainless steel brake lines for this vehicle? Mine are so rotted that the left rear came out in five pieces and so reproducing the same bends are impossible. Looking to replace all.


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Milan, NH
Bending up brake line is quite easy. But if you don't mind a little investment, you can have a set of stainless lines made up. Search for Classic Tube near Buffalo, NY. You can use wire coat hangers or something similar to copy the bends of the original lines if they are in bad shape. If you can get them off in 1 piece, package them up and ship them to Classic Tube. Their site tells how to make shipping bends, and mark them, so you can fit them in a large box.

They have computerized equipment that will copy your original line and make an exact copy. Price isn't cheap, but you'll never have to replace them again.

In fact, if its a fairly popular vehicle (such as a Deuce) and you can convince them that they could sell a lot of the same lines, they will give you a big discount if you can send them original lines to copy. I bet you would find enough interest on here for people who might want a full set of stainless lines that they would give a good discount.

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