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So if I’m being serious, @kendelrio is a great guy. We can joke with each other all day and half the night.

I really am impressed with the amount of work Ken accomplished on Bertha in such a short period of time. In six months, he acquired a dirty tan 5-ton truck and (ransformed her into Bertha.


Before and after comparison:


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20210714_110038 (1).jpg
Ken is working hard to make Bertha a safer and more enjoyable MV. The backup camera and tv are a great way to prevent accidents, and a good way, to get a look at the pretty girl in the car behind you. Also the camera wiring routed to the rear of the truck is simple and tidy. The dome (map reading) light is one of the safety items you can easley put in the cab of your M series truck. The bottom picture is of Bertha all lit up and ready to go cruising on a Friday night. :cool:
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This Oshkosh M1070 HET aka "Super Het" was rebuilt in 2008. Before I obtained her, she was a mess with 6 MTVR rims, a complete mix match of tire treads, and all had blown out side walls. Bumper was bent out, electrical issues, and no fuel caps so tainted fuel at the very least. Operational status was unknown and pitiful. I sorted out 99% of the issues on site and replaced the tires bringing her not just back to life but back to the road. The HET has been in high demand for appearances to the local American Legion outings, Medal of Honor Parade, and much more. The Mayor of Midlothian (local city) was impressed and shook my hand for honoring patriots with this machine. She's due to go on display for a local elementary Veterans Day outing next month.

"It's not about the miles-per-gallon, it's the smiles-per-gallon" as I like to say and it's well worth it!

Medal of Honor Parade pics and video:

The Het is such a bizarre and unique machine when you look past the exterior. It was designed and purpose built for the role like no other truck before it. Counter steering rear axle, NBC sealed cab, and bunk beds to say the least! We have enough trouble keeping water out of our other MV cabs and this one basically gives you a 3 star stay at Oshkosh hotel. I felt it was deserving of a diecast model to put on the shelf in my office. (1:50 scale)

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g..eee...eee....................Wizzzzzz!! D'Dass' B I G!!
You have MY vote!


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Took the HET to refuel for her first time in this posts and it only cost me a 2nd mortgage on the house. :cry: During my 35 minute stay ($100 limit at a time) 4 people around me gave thumbs up and words of encouragement (I assume through seeing the grief of my wallet haha). One father walked over 2 pump to introduce himself and I noticed his son in the passenger seat of his Tundra watching us. I asked if it was indeed his son and if he wanted to climb inside. I don't think there was a moment of hesitation when the father waved him over. I gave them my version of TED talk on the M1070 and the kid got a photo to share in class for "show and tell". That's what makes this hobby special to me. Vote HET, vote M923a2, vote what ever green/tan you like. Just share and enjoy the hobby. :beer:

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