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Robo McDuff

In memorial Ron - 73M819
Czech Republic
There is some chatting from members pondering votes but what I am missing here is


What happened to promoting your vehicle???


It is not enough just to throw your vehicle in the pot, you also have to promote it or at least show us a few more pics of the vehicle and its history, links to restoration threads.

Until now, we have only four posts from contestants with pics, and two post with other nice cars.

Its a short months so only 7 days more for canvassing. Contestants, get to it.



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Near Austin, Texas
Another close race for the pennant! [thumbzup]
Congratulations to Mark and a well done to Serpico.

It sure isn't easy picking just one out of these vehicles, there were several I'd have liked to have voted for, but in the end I had to stick with my buddy Mkcoen.

It does seem a shame to only get 64 voters out of 103,534 registered users though. The ticker at the bottom of the page shows 269 users on the site right now.
I think a lot of folks just never see the thread? Someone suggested the poll be a sticky at the top when folks log in, that does sound like a good idea.

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