Steelsoldiers’ BIG M756A2 Project!


Tonopah, AZ
That's nice and useful Deuce, for poor mans creeping oil I mix 50/50 ATF and Acetone, just don't get it on you the Acetone is a carcingetic. I just mixed up a batch and soaked the U-joint end of the winch driveshaft for my M54A2, I let it soak almost 2 weeks, and a light tap with a hammer and it moved, I got her to move in all directions and added grease to the Zerk fitting and she took it. That shaft was found under a water tank in the back of my M54A2 and was rusted solid. I sprayed on it with Break Free and beat the heck out of it with NO result, but a two week long soak in my homebrew creeping oil did the job. Give it a try, I quit buying Kroil cause this stuff works so good. Somebody on SS turned me on to it, haven't looked back since.
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