Studebaker US6


New member
Kalifornia, USA
I plan on retrieving a Studebaker US6 in August. I will sell its hard cab with winch, and wheeled chassis for $3k or best offer. I have not seen it up close, but I have been sent pictures of what it looks like. Truck is located in California.

PM me if interested in buying this Studebaker truck. (Does not have a cargo bed and I may take the engine/transmission) or if I parted it out, what parts @ what price you will give.

I've heard the Studebaker mounting of its jxd engine (with its bell housing) does not interchange with the White Scout Car mounting of its jxd engine (with its bell housing) ?????.

If engine w/bell housings are not interchangeable, the original engine w/bell housing will stay with this Studebaker truck. I'm still taking the transmission.

I'm saving this truck (that’s missing its bed, dammmit) from going to the scrapper. I'm taking, at the least, its transmission and at the most, I'm keeping its engine w/transmission. Everything else will go for the $3k or best offer.

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