Suggestions for someone in Detroit area to do repairs on m998?


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Have m998 that has no power out of nowhere. I get many on this site are great at taking these trucks apart and getting them repaired. Many have already sent suggestions. Batteries seem to test out fine, but I got two new ones to drop in and try. I am still learning. With this said, I am looking for someone in SE Michigan area that works on these for a fee. At this point, I would rather pay someone to get it working again. It is in driveway, freezing outside, busy as **** with work, and I just want to drive it again. I hope you can respect this. There is a shop I work with for other "normal" vehicles, but these are unique and not sure if makes sense to have them look at. Anyone out there have suggestions for now and in future?


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Chesterfield, MI
I do not know of any shops in this area. Your best bet is to call around. I think your best bet is going to be north, like Chesterfield and out from there. I've seen a lot of trucks around me (Croswell), but you can probably find a place south of I-69


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If you take it to your normal, competent shop and provide them with a link or hard copy of the correct trouble shooting TMs, they should be able to plow right through it. When people who have a basic aptitude take the time to correctly trouble shoot the vehicles using the proper TM, the problem usually shows itself quite clearly.
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