Texas to Alaska ... what to take?


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My buddy and I rode our Harleys up the AlCan and back down on the Cassiar Hwy back in the 90's. Had a great time, no major problems. Fuel got more expensive the furtner north you get, until you cross into Alaska. Plenty of repair shops along the way, but you may want to carry any spare parts that are prone to breaking and not commonly availible. I would love to go back up there again (but not on a bike, getting too old for that).


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One of my old roommates and neighbors once did a run in an M923A2 from Barstow, CA to Phoenix, AZ to Portland, OR to Fairbanks, AK...pretty much nonstop. I think the PDX>FAI part took them only like 3 days, driving pretty much 24/7 taking turns.

In a 5 ton, you have to pace yourself. 250 miles a day and motel'ing it at night or stopping at fellow enthusiasts' places or the homes of friends in the states you pass through and it can be quite fun. (Did that myself riding shotgun with a fellow member here). Ramroding from SoCal to interior Alaska and you'll have your co-driver swearing they'll never get in one of these again (Neighbor adamantly swore they'd never drive one of these again as I recall).

You can sleep in the cab or the bed but you'll want motels for showers and better beds. One night freezing your toes off in a M925 cab at 31 degrees with inadequate textile covering items and you'll be willing to spend the $100 for a motel and a hot shower.

It's still worth it despite the toll on your lower back.


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... 4months later :) Just noticed I had replied to this thread back in December... I've had a couple beers since then, still sounds like a fun trip :)
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Make it to Seward and I will take ya'll fishing. Have driven the ALCAN about 16 times now. Plenty of amenities and traffic. yes, there are long stretches of beautiful open country, but was not as wild as I thought it would be the first time I drove it. SanAntonio - Anchorage 4900miles. Canada is the long part. No interstate like the US. My friend who homesteaded up in Delta used to drive the ALCAN with his dad in an open top deuce every few years back when it was gravel...
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