Those Military Guys H4 Headlights

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I bought a set of these and they are decent. The orange plug that is part of the harness is 100% junk. I am needing some more headlights for other trucks and was wondering what longevity y'all are seeing with these? Have not had mine long and dont want to buy more if they aren't lasting very long.


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I have been running H4 headlights for years. I did not get them from TMG. TMG wasn't even around when I first installed them.
I bought E code headlamps and 24v H4 bulbs. Lamps are glass and well made. Very bright and I have not broke one yet.
I believe they are marketed for Harley Davidson. But any 7" headlamp should fit.
I did have to flatten the "line up" tabs on the back of the housing but they still do their job.
You need a high temperature connector for the back. The halogen bulbs get very hot. There is a ceramic version of it.

The bulbs are cheap on Amazon. I get about 40k miles out of them


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As Jake said, I got mine off eBay around 2015-ish for my Deuce and 5-ton, as well as the ceramic connectors to handle the higher heat....I installed the Packard connectors to the ceramic connectors and they work GREAT. Around 5 years of steady use out of them and haven’t had any problems since. They also de-ice in no time in the winter! A far less expensive option over LED headlight units.
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