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Transfer switch MEP-803a


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I tried to get a quote from another electrician. They wouldn’t do it. Said their company isn’t allowed to install interlock kits. They sell Generac and I guess they have some sort of agreement to only use Generac parts.


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I had considered wiring it for a 20kw/100a generator. It wouldn’t hurt. Labor is the same, how much more could the wire be? $200 more?

I have to talk to the electrician anyway. I’m going to ask.
It's cheaper to run the 240 at 52 amps...use both legs...lower amps equals smaller wire needed...or keep the big wire and never worry about drop...the watts don't change...this is a 803a right? They have a 10kw output...there's a tag on it that shows output...behind the control panel there's a big switch to choose output...make sure it's off before you change it though.

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I’ll ask. I wonder if my city will allow it. I don’t know the code here.
Absolutely they will. And don’t let the electrician scare you away from it with horror stories. Today’s aluminum wire isn’t the same as the house burning stuff from our grandparents day. It just has to be MHF or dual rated. They can pull individual xhhw as well. Just can’t use single rated URD. That’s not approved for use inside a dwelling.
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