Trying to hang in here on new updates


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While we are talking about the new changes, is it just me or can you not send pictures in a pm anymore?
Another nice upgrade.
No, it's not an upgrade. It's a security issue.

I was considering bringing it back. Until it was found that a member (and possibly more) were using it to send finical information. Since there's no way to block someone from sending a scanned image of finical info, it's not coming back.
There's two things at play Ron. Yes private messages are not out there for the world to see. However, they're owned on our database. I do not want ANY financial information being stored here. It's simply a liability we will not assume.

The pic issue opened up this risk to us, but has been expanded into other things that might become an issue.

The short of it is this. Sure I could bring it back into the site. HOWEVER, the system is very "dumb" when it comes to attachments. Attachments are not private in anyway. Even those ones sent in a PM. The system takes the attachment and stores it into the database and gives it an attachment ID. There's no way around that. Now couple this fact to it. With some work, I could find all the attachments someone uploaded here. However I can't say "Oh attachment 'a8fnsbvg' is a picture of a check". Not without physically pulling down every attachment a user posted and viewing them one by one until I find the image in question.

Again, we do not want any financial information stored here on the site. If a user needs to convey sensitive information of that nature, I suggest using a phone or other outside means.

(There are a few other factors that play into this as well that I'm not going to discuss as well)
My point about the images is this...

We (the site) want no responsibility of having/keeping any financial information from anyone here. (That's why the upgrade system is powered by Paypal or a payment sent directly to Steel Soldiers LLC) If it's text, I can easily search it out in the database and tend to the data (report/remove) as needed. Images just opens up a different can of worms that is and is not related.

First ----- The Classifieds RULES state that ad posters ARE REQUIRED to respond to PM and post question, PMs and POST are usually answered by PMs, this includes request for PICTURES either by PM or POST.
Second - As the Classifieds Mod, I routinely get "I paid but did not receive", "I shipped but not paid", "I received wrong part"," suppossed to be NOS, (not)", "Paid but not picked up", ect. I ask for a PICTURE of the payment info, shipping info, PICTURE of item in question to help in handling the situation, A PICTURE is worth a 1000 words, I can SEE what is being decussed.
Third --- As the Classifieds Mod, I routinely ask for PICTURES of vehicles and items when there is a OWNERSHIP QUESTION.
Forth --- As the Classifieds Mod, I routinley ask for PICTURES of vehicles and items when there is a reported SOLD QUESTION.
Fifth --- As the Classifieds Mod, I routinley ask for PICTURES when the description does not make sense ( a a3 but a a2 is described) so on, so on.
I can go on and give a bunch more reasons how PICTURES HELP in doing my JOB as the Classifieds MOD, and before I get the "EMAIL" spiel, PICTURES via PM KEEPS ALL the info in one place (on SITE) so I can go back and forth between the classifieds and the PM text/PICTURE, IF email is used, this MAKES TWO DIFFERENT sites and make it almost impossible to move between the two dealing with whatever with any kind of a REASONABLE time frame, in another words, dealing with TWO DIFFERENT SITES would be a MAJOR WASTE OF TIME.

Also the above CHANGE reasons sound like double talk because ANYTHING on the web can be found no matter where it is if some one wants to find it bad enough, and I GUARANTEE you that this SITE IS monitored 24/7, either electronically or hands on. so with that being said, if the watchers want to know some info, they will have it already.


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Maybe I haven't been clear enough.

Pictures in PMs are NOT coming back. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me about it.

Please use the email user function instead if there is a need. As a moderator, you do have the powers to view the admincp and view the user's contact info (IP address, email)


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All righty then, ME thinks that we can't bring live Canadian bacon across the border so I'll describe the taste. mmmmmm.

We did a sweet photo shoot last night and since I can't PM pictures, you need to be here to see them. However, ......WE think an MV calender post with someone special, eating bacon in the bed of an MV, with a frustrated look on her face, scanning a lap-top with the Steel Soldiers site on the desk top and a bottle of Vodka spilling over the box rails.

Kinda how we were on the Sunday before the changes, waiting to see what the changes were.

It will be our Christmas present to you kids and they'll go up before the 25th.

It will be worth it to hang around waiting for these shots.......she's such a good sport.

Have a great day, unless you choose otherwise.



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Maybe I haven't been clear enough.

Pictures in PMs are NOT coming back. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me about it.

Please use the email user function instead if there is a need. As a moderator, you do have the powers to view the admincp and view the user's contact info (IP address, email)
OK then, I am trying to stay neutral in all of this but I would like to make an observation. At this point we have the mods fighting with the admins on the open forum. We have a whole bunch of disgruntled members voicing hundreds of dissenting opinions. This is really headed down hill. you guys need to talk it out amongst yourselves and regroup! Granted a lot of us do not like the new setup but it makes it a lot worse when the people in charge are fighting over it in public.


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I second that. When you have a disagreement with other leadership, you meet in private, hammer it out, wipe off the blood and provide a united front. That's the way I learned it in 20 years with Uncle Sam. A public debate like this is uncomfortable for most, and unproductive for all. Just my HO.


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Ole fella Zout is still around once in a great while - really no big loss as I have no MV projects to work on
nor do I have anything to add to that someone has helped someone with to expound the OP question to death.

No matter how it was answered it most likely got fixed to work - all we ask for.

I have a civy project going on a non MV related item that has NO PLACE here amoungst the MV crowd
so I do not post. I have sent a couple members direct e mails (last of the two that will talk to me - or want
to received an e mail from me) and they know what is happening in Commander Warps garage at this time.

I have slowly been coming on and trying to adjust and NOT bitch nor throw anyone to the ground and kick them
as well - just no place for it. It was an awesome site where many folks come back to - to read from the other
MV Guru's here (no I am not one of them) but I read their posts as well on stuff I do not own - but just want to
learn - and this site is a leader amoungst many. I just need my own space and time to deal with it and learn.

I have had my disheartend thoughts about the change - but its for myself to deal with and not broadcasted here.
(Cook out a Zouts 2013 is April 27- if any changes happen it will take place at CAMO) make your notations NOW.
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