URAL /Deuce symbiosis...


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Who said that Russian- and American-made green steel doesn't combine well...?
See pics, attached below... Some parts look familiar, don't they?

This particular vehicle has seen better days, obviously. I remember well when the first batch of these URAL trucks maybe 30 of them were just delivered to the Uruguayan main army depot (mid 90's); all of them lined up; all of them very low mileage and appearing factory fresh! Besides them looking quite impressive, to me at least!

Interestingly, about 6 years later another (big)batch of almost 400 URAL trucks was added to their fleet and most of them are still in use, today.
A lot of them came with what is called the LAK-2 shelter- which wasn't really that useful here, not in this harmless- and almost tropical environment at least... But at that time our army also still had plenty of M35's left, so that's when they started transplanting the cargo beds.
Needless to tell, in the following years dozens of M35-"chassis-trucks" came up for auction...

And here is the link to the local auction were this truck.... was sold yesterday!



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