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My father in law served in the Louisiana National Guard 769th Engineering Battalion in the late 50's-early 60's and I would like my truck to reflect that time of his service. What would be the correct way to depict this? Are guard units marked differently than active units? I know where to order the stencils from, I would just like some suggestions on how to stencil it.
Thumbnail is the most recent pic I have of the truck being restored.
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This is hard question to answer. In the 50-60s the NG was far more state controlled than federal controlled. It wasn't until the mid 70s the the Army took more control of the NGs equipment and training and enforcement of Army rules and regulations. It really depended on the the states Adjutant General and how they wanted the vehicles to be marked. Do you know what company he was assigned to in the 769th E and what was the higher headquarters of 769th? Because it would be fine to mark it as Higher Headquarters, 769th E Company and vehicle number. Example: 12th BDE (just a guess) 769 E on the left side as you look at the truck and C-24 (or A, B, HHC etc) on the right side as you look at it. OR you could mark it a LNG (Might have to research how the Louisiana NG abbreviated back then) 769E and then the company number and vehicle number, Example LNG 769 E (I've also seen 769th ENG) C-24.

Good luck with what ever you decide to come up with and it's great you are honoring your father this way.
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