Voltmeter Drop Cycle Question

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1986 M1009.

During the last two cold starts I have noticed the following:

Normal start, engine running, everything else normal:

The needle in the voltmeter drops into the yellow and I hear a relay clicking somewhere


I hear a relay clicking somewhere and the voltmeter drops into the yellow

I’m not sure which is happening first. It does this several times, then the voltmeter is back in the green and it doesn’t do it again during the drive. It may or may not correspond with a squealing coming from either a belt or a bearing. The squeal only lasts a few moments then it stops. The belts are all new as of a few days ago.


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That's the glow plug system "re-glow". It will do that till the card stops it.

The squeal you're hearing is from the load on the alternator. You might tighten the belts again and that should help.
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