What are your experiences with GovPlanet?? Good or Bad


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My 1082 is the last thing I will ever buy from gp. The words I choose to describe them are not permitted on this site


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I bought a bunch of thoes Florida titles for the humvees--the titles were laughed at in NJ motor vehicle--to get my money back I delt with iron planets legal dept--sent them the facts and they sent me check-----that worked out well---put in 2 valid claims under the IronClad Assurance and was told its my fault--I should have inspected the items although no inspections were allowed due to high work load ---that was real bad-----will have to visit legal again---


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I've bought several things from GP. Albany, Newnan and Fayetteville. The only issue I had was that the info on Fayetteville pickup was wrong/missing. Once I got a working phone number for them it was resolved quickly. Had a delay of over 30 days finding out where to pick it up though. 6kw Light tower (works fine, $200), MEP 802A generator on a trailer GREAT SCORE $1000 (works great, Basically new), rough terrain pallet jack needed about $75 dollars to have it up working, Sewer cleanout machine and air ventilator (worth $1000 each and basically new for $200)

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GREAT SCORE $1000 (works great, Basically new), rough terrain pallet jack needed about $75 dollars to have it up working, Sewer cleanout machine and air ventilator (worth $1000 each and basically new for $200)
You made a LOT of great scores. Nice!

What exactly is an RT Pallet Jack:

- Jack on balloon tires of some kind or something?!

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I have delt with Richie brothers before.
What a sham. they charge the seller through the teeth and then the buyer through the nose.
My D9 i bought ran for 5 min and then it blew the pump.
I was Livid. the auctioneer basically told me to F%@ k myself. #3500 later for the pump.. all is well.

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A couple of years ago I bought a M923a1 from GP, my biggest hang up was the military base, after I was "allowed" on base I loaded my truck on my drop deck and left, my SF97 came a week later, I had the truck inspected(vin) by the Highway Patrol, then I took their paperwork, SF97 and my insurance to my tag agency, got my plates and been happy.


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I'm not Bashing anyone, I'm just sharing my experience and asking if anyone has had similar experiences,

My purchase experience with GP has so far been an expensive and time consuming headache. Un answered emails seem to be the norm in my case, hopefully not the standard operating procedure. My first purchase from GP on my FLU 419 went smooth while the money was flowing their way. After the purchase was completed and all money was wired, the only thing I heard were the crickets chirping in the night.
The GP inspection is not accurate as the auction listing stated that the hand throttle was inoperable, it however failed to mention that the entire throttle linkage was busted which renders the vehicle un-driveable (safely anyway). After $4500 to ship it to the border and the price of two new batteries, my FLU arrives at the border. I receive the FLU from Texarkana without the hood, spare tire, tools missing and busted up throttle linkage making it un-drivable and it now sits in Customs limbo (@ $10 bucks a day) as I am unable to get them to clear it in this condition.
I won't bother with the expensive Title nightmare as it is discussed elsewhere on this site.

GP Customer Care (?) has been little to no help with any of the problems that I am having. I know they are busy so I am trying to be patient and understanding, However...... Everyone has their limits.:cookoo:

My big issue with this purchase is that the MV that I received is not as described in the listing inspection. 12 grand sitting at a truck stop 40 miles away in the US unsecured and uninsured (no title), all that I have been able to get in response from GP is ...Nothing.

I am in no way trying to be negative toward GovPlanet, I am only sharing my experience. I am sure that most go without a problem that this is not the usual way that things end up. I hope no one else has to go through this.
Please share!!

Respect and Best Regards to Everyone
You and me both
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