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What did you do to your deuce this week?


Sac CA
My Sherman had a good week this week:

  1. re-bled the brakes and topped off the fluid
  2. my first oil change! $125 bucks later :-(. The oil was in great shape though, no sludge and no shavings or metal pieces. The WMO was good enough I felt ok pouring it into the fuel tank.
  3. fixed a stripped-out bolt hole on the compressor. The rear, top left bolt on the casing (where the fuel line bracket attaches) stripped out a little while ago and it's been causing the engine to pick up a light film of oil everytime I drive it. It's been nagging at me for a while, but I have been holding off on the fix since I needed to remove the oil filter cannisters and I knew I had an oil change coming. I drilled and tapped it, and inserted a heli-coil. The operation went smoothly and appears to have fixed the issue. Whew! Feels a lot better know - I hate it when I have those nagging fixes in the back of my mind that I haven't gotten to yet.......
  4. Installed a pyro. I used the most common location (pre-turbo, right where the exhaust turns down). I installed the Aubern digital 24v pyro. With the air filter cannister removed, the access and installation was a snap. I drilled almost all the way through, then fired up the engine and drilled the rest and tapped it 1/8" NPT. I ran the wiring and fired the truck up and watched it work great :jumpin:.
I still need to build a bracket to mount the gauge, once that's done I can get some baseline measurements and turn the fuel up. I have a suspicion that my fuel is low, and I have lots of overhead to get more power out of my engine. We'll see.....


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GA Mountains
Sounds nice. In regards to the question in the title, I started mine! Hasn't been touched since the FL Rally in Feb.


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Hickory Flat Ga
Drove yesterday for an hour. I blew out the vent line from the airpack and mc to the slobber tube. Turned up my regulator from 110 psi to 120 psi. Lubed the air horn. Checked return springs on brake, clutch, and parking brake. Wind out and wind in the winch cable.


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Comfort, Texas
Originally I planned to refurbish my drivers seat but spent the weekend fighting the door hinge screws. I am down to 4 of those suckers who are just unwilling to see it my way. I keep on soaking them and using my hand impact tool until the screw heads strip or break off. I should have posted in the "hardest bolt to remove" thead.


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new Lexington, Ohio
Whenever a thermocouple is installed before turbo, make sure you never allow the temperature to exceed about 1,000* as this placement is not the reccomended spot, and will read 300* +- lower than if it were installed in the manifold. (Which it the ideal place.)


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London England
Things to do

(See the adventure begins). My projects for this new addition. (m35). 1st IMEDIATE job, Fitting an enging oil prelube pressure pump!. 2nd. Fit a "wolo" air horn on the hartop. 3rd. Siren Kit. 4. Front towing glad hands.
5. 1100x20 tires. 6. Winch kit. 7. might (reposition) lift the steering wheel for more room. Should keep me occupied for a while. will post progress. 8. noticed someone re-covering thier drivers seat. also something that needs to be done. 9.just notice my pic..needs canopy lengthening both sides. oh! and 10. add stalk repeaters to the front side/flasher flights.


To the tinwoodsman. If those hinge bolts are still stuck in the hinges here is my methodology to remove them. This usually works unless the rust is real bad.
After the bold head has broken off remove the nut on the other end and put a few washers on that end and replace the nut. Use lots of good grease on the washers and nut. Be sure at least one full thread protrudes out of the nut before you begin tightening the nut. Also, be very careful to stop when you get to the end of the threads or the bolt will break again. Keep adding more washers and drawing the bolt out till it falls out.
There are bolts in other machines that get stuck just like these hinge bolts do. Most of the time this method will do it. Just be patient/persistent.
I'm hoping it comes out clean for ya'.



Cincy Ohio
Whenever a thermocouple is installed before turbo, make sure you never allow the temperature to exceed about 1,000* as this placement is not the reccomended spot, and will read 300* +- lower than if it were installed in the manifold. (Which it the ideal place.)
Not sure I agree with this. Where else but the manifold is before the turbo?
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