who out here has a Pinzgauer


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I've had my M710 for about 7 years now. A 73 so it's 40 years old. Yes it's a bit noisy, thirsty, (just rebuilt the carbs, there are 2) Non-stocks seats from a 93 Honda (very comfortable) installed a winch and bumper from EI (Expedition Imports out of Napa, CA) Some parts are expensive, but not as much as the newer vehicles on the road. I have driven it on some round trips as much as 3500 mi. Have to use GPS as the speedo died some time ago. Great to camp in and although a bit slow (55mph is my top on the flats) it gets me there and back. Since it is a slower vehicle I can use Re-treds from Treadwright at about $120 each they sure beat out fancy off-road tires. I understand there are some that complain that the vehicle is difficult to maintain, perhaps, but it is 40 years old and I do expect some items to eventually live out their lives. Keep the fluids up and do regular maintenance and it will be a great vehicle. Pinzgauers do not have the history of some of the US old iron but, they are used in a variety of conflicts throughout the world. The newer ones are diesel. Difficult to armor as it is a forward control vehicle and one is sitting over the tires. I keep it the original OD as it feels better to me and it does get lots of looks where ever I go. Happy trails.


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718 Pinz

I have a 718 under the pole barn been derusting and painting it. May have to go to England or South Aisa to find wind screen doors and a Cab.theoldman

Another Ahab

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Pinz = Perfect Parade Platform:

- Drop it down into of those crawly-type lows and just….let….her….go. Nice.
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I got a baby Pinzgauer. I want it to grow up into a radio Pinz.

Hafi at creek.jpg

I think this one is stunted though. It'll probably stay a Haflinger.
Hi all,

Resurrection time again, I've go a '72 710m, purchased a few years ago from Pinzgauer Canada. Had 31000km's on her, now currently sitting around 48000km's. Done some work on her, but find the truck very easy to wrench on comparative to more modern machines.

tx Dave
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