wicked wheel and BMI turbo


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I was curious if anybody has installed a wicked wheel setup for the BMI turbo and if any benefits would be seen at lower RPM. I've got the BMI kit installed on my 6.2 early this year and have been loving it, especially mated with the 700r4. The one gap I see for myself and maybe others with a mechanical overdrive like the 700r4 is when driving around town and the transmission kicks over to OD and you encounter a hill or slow down. The 6.2 has enough torque to keep lugging along at 1000 rpm but the 700r4 won't kick down unless you really floor it. It might be a factor of the level 3 build and shifting wanting to stay engaged longer before kicking down, I am not sure. Anyway, in these situations I usually just use the shifter to downshift and as soon as I get a little boost going at 1500 rpm or higher it wakes right up and I can shift up again. I avoid the throttle-forced downshift as at low boost throttle mashing generate some moderate coal-rolling and I don't want to create a hate-mail lobby for our MV hobby.

I believe if I could get a little more boost in the 1000-1500 range, even a few psi, it would help a lot with this gap.

Any experiences or thoughts?


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I am not impressed with my WW, just more lipstick on a pig. Of course most that spend money want to tell everyone how great it is but that is just human nature.
If your transmission is not down shifting properly you need to have the TV cable adjusted or it has the gas governor instead of a diesel governor installed, both are relitivly easy to fix, the gov. can be changed easily if there is enough room to get it out of the side of the transmission.
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