XM211 Questions

NW PA/ Warren County

Found an XM211. The body is an absolute train wreck, due to rust. The chassis and engine/trans look acceptable. The rear axles need help, as they have been drained of fluid and an axle shaft was pulled.

Are body parts easy to find for these things? Is the XM211 any more desirable?

Just looking for ideas. Thanks all!

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Body parts aren't really easy to find by themselves. A lot of us end up getting other trucks to use as a parts source. I don't think the XM211 is any more desirable or rare.

If you are wanting to get into this series of truck, that one sounds very rough and may only be good for parts. If you can get it cheap, it might be worth it and could be used to keep a nicer example on the road if you decide to try to find one that isn't so rusted out.


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It'd be nice to see the data plate or frame stamp (behind passenger front wheel on frame) and know how early it was made. The X's were, in my extrapolation of data, early trucks off the line. If it's a 001 or even in the first 10 it'd have more historical value....to someone....someday....or maybe just a museum fella. The date of delivery could be significant to someone with a birthday on that date or if it's a late December 1951 truck. ...it is more rare. Finding the first and last trucks nails down a lot of info in between, to a guy writing a book.

What would you need for panels? Parts trucks are a must if you're restoring an M211.

We're still digging up NOS parts after someone hid them all up north. We even found a new fender. Getting parts to P.A. .......sounds like a worthy challenge. A G749 "Parts truck" database must be in the future so you can find something close.



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I have two M211’s. One is a M and the other is a XM. Neither truck is 100% but between the two of them, I can make one complete truck. Trying to decide which will be the one to rebuild and which to cannibalize is proving to be a difficult decision.
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