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Mountain Home, Idaho
Been lurking a bit, reading a lot, figured I'd surface for a few and finally say hi.

Retired EOD here (medical at 18 years). Spent my entire career driving the HMMWV (to include the up-armored variant), and saw a lot of other vehicles during deployments. Drove the Cougar (JERRV) daily for a total of about 15 months during three deployments. Fell in love with those Cougars and absolutely hate yet love the HMMWV. lol

I've been working as a Deputy for the local Sheriff for the past 8 years and finally feel stable enough in life to start looking for a military vehicle. While I'd love to have a Cougar, I certainly can't afford one....if one was ever even offered up for sale. lol So, I'm looking for either a Deuce or a 5 ton. Never drove a Deuce, but I've been around a few out on the ranges. Not sure which I'd prefer. I've heard the 5 ton is the way to go for ease of driving, comfort, and availability of parts, but I'm also wanting to have a vehicle which is easy to maintain, can run off a variety of fuels (don't figure I need a multi-fuel necessarily, as the older diesels will run WVO/WMO/Bio, etc if done right), and is simple so there are a minimum of things to break (think apocalypse type situation where there are no readily available spares kind of thing). So, I've been reading as much as I can and getting people's opinions through all that I read.

So, once I decide, I guess I'll keep everyone informed on the progress of my search! So far Idaho doesn't seem too bad off for availability, but some of the prices seem excessive for what they are....maybe the guy who has had a Deuce parked in our local storage area for the past ten years will sell his for cheap. lol

Anyway, thanks for having me!


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Mt. Eden, KY
Another big welcome from Kentucky. Thank you for your service. Lots of vehicles out there.


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Gibsonton Fl
Welcome from Florida (Tampa Bay area) if that hasn't happened yet. Get a M151A2, great on gas, fun to drive, great on trails and attention getter. But this is comming from a guy who owns a HMMWV too.

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