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    Wire Source to 60A service?

    I have 831a's , had 802a's, and have an 803a, all wired with 50 amp outlets, share the same Carol 6/4 cable's, along with my RV , 25' to 36' , even use a distribution box with NO drop in voltage under 50'.
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    MEP-802a auxiliary pump: any chance fuel can siphon from 30 gallon drum?

    If you tested/ verified float works correctly "now" , could have just been sticky that one time. I know others have experienced this , you can reach into the day tank and check the float ( quote: " If you dont have Popeye forearms" ) thank you Guyfang !🤣
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    I use the same Nema 14-50R outlet. Allows me to use standard 50amp Rv cord. I can add in my 50amp blow through spyder box to feed neighbors. And my old electric stove load bank plugs right in as well. 50amp twist lock inlet to interlock house panel.
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    Mep803a final hookup and first load test.

    Deoxit will more than likely be the cure. I've never used it but have had success with a CRC brand cleaner. My first load test ,years ago ,was about the same gauge reading, I found a N.O.S. gauge on ebay, before it arrived I sprayed the switches & exercised them BOOM gauge worked. 👍🏻
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    MEP-802A short/fire

    I did the bottom exactly as LITD did but just zip tied on intake sides, nothing on top .
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    MEP 802A Aux fuel tank option

    I used a 45 gallon tank, I got a pair of them for $90👍🏻
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    Corrosive coolant

    A Murry Ultra 15358 180° thermostat and #2138 gasket will fit. There's a thermostat housing available on EBay with bolts.
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    Mep-803a Fuel Pump Help

    The E8135 will work, it has the same specs, but different mounting bracket, you'll have to reuse some of your fittings and splice the wire harness plug from the E1074. $35 @ Summit, $29 @ Rockauto.
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    I love generators!!!

    You'll want to purchase Kloppk's controller, I suck at attaching links, someone help him out.(y)
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    mep 831a what is this?

    TRC's website shows they may have some new and rebuilt. I think I priced one from them years ago when watching some 831s missing inverters, VERY pricey !
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    Mep 802a vibration issue

    Last trip to my local TS, there was full pallets of both .
  12. 69birdman

    Airtex G-17 filters

    There's some on the big auction site too @ $13 & change as well👍🏻
  13. 69birdman

    Lake Butler Florida

    Went to Lake Butler today to pick up a 831a generator, I called prior to give them a heads up. When I arrived Eric already had my gen on the forklift ready to load. Very nice guy, guess he was at Albany yard previously. Anyways big shout out to Eric , thank you sir! Peace...
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    831a mobility

    Hey folks, thought I'd do a review of my experience of trying to keep my 831a mobile. When I first acquired it , I put it on a 40"x48" trailer and intended on parking it next to my 803a on the power end of my house. After finding out how fickle these 831s are to moisture, I moved it into...
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    If you haven't applied any load to the set yet , the percent gauge is not going to move.
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