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    Options for higher top speed?

    Easiest way is to install 16.00 tires and turn up the injection pump. Add an EGT gauge to not melt the engine down.
  2. 74M35A2

    Get paid to play in the mud

    My brothers right here.
  3. 74M35A2

    M939 LWS Install Question

    Not yet. Probably this summer. Don’t want to rush. ;) Do you still have a stack of them?
  4. 74M35A2

    Choosing Between M923A1 and M923A2

    I use half a can of WD-40 with its straw. Literally put that much down there. Keep pulling the cable out and letting it snap back as you do it.
  5. 74M35A2

    Choosing Between M923A1 and M923A2

    Mine feels good, stock oil, don’t feel anything. The torque converter could not unlock fast enough on a hard brake where wheels would slide. Engine stall, loss of steering assist, truck goes sideways and rolls over. Fix was to add ABS to all the trucks which cured this issue.
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    NHC 250 Turbo Conversion in M923

    That might not get people to help you.
  7. 74M35A2

    M939A2 starter issue

    Email me: I make them for LDT/S 465, NHC 250, 6CTA8.3, 8V92, and others, in both 12 and 24v. Nothing for 6.2/6.5L V8 Humvee.
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    Alternator changeout issues

    New thread.
  9. 74M35A2

    Alternator changeout issues

    Sorry, I don’t support the antiquated stock alternators at all. They have 4 common main failure modes, and the modern ones have fail-safe strategies integrated into them. They just work perfect, are low cost, and enable you to shut the truck off safely in any switch order. Others here may...
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    Alternator changeout issues

    Glad you have it figured out, new alternator works proper, and high indicated voltage was causes by weak voltmeter batteries.
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    5 Ton Rockwell Axle Question

    I have all 3 air locking Rockwell top loading 5 ton axles I removed from an M1500 I scrapped this summer. They are actually considered 7 ton axles because they use a slightly larger axle shaft diameter, but same-same as far as their outside physical size and appearance. Ratio on them are...
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    Alternator changeout issues

    Only half backwards then. ;)
  13. 74M35A2

    Alternator changeout issues

    Some differing things here, but I have no problem politely bowing out. I was on my way out the door anyway. OP, glad you have most of your stuff resolved.
  14. 74M35A2

    Alternator changeout issues

    LOVE YOU LONG TIME BRO !!!! OP never blamed, I just magically get sucked into dam near everything.
  15. 74M35A2

    Alternator changeout issues

    Hooking stuff up reverse polarity doesn’t help, but at least you were honest about it. Not sure what is damaged or not. Check the alternator running voltage again both hot and cold later once you have things in better shape. At idle and raised RPM as well. The regulator may or may not be...
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