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    A neglected v 100

    Rory Please do not bring up changing a tire on a V rim. We did that in Nam took a crew of 6 young GIs 4 plus days to change out 4 tires. What a job it kicked our rears. The second time it came up on a different V we went to the Air Force base and traded 8 case of C-rations for the to...
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    4th of July Activities in the V100

    That was great last time I saw a V in a Lake was 1971 at Tiger Lake, Cam Rahn Bay, Vietnam. Driver who put it in the lake was total it sinks you pay for it.
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    Dragoon Engine Pics

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    Our Dragoon

    Talking about the blind spot As a V driver in Nam we had truck mirrors on ours And to a man you will not find many that will tell you they drove very far with the seat down and the hatch closed. Number 1 you couldn't see anything the glass blocks had turn yellow, number 2 any time you hit...
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    Our Dragoon

    As a V-100 driver in Nam in 1970 at the age of 19 we thought they had a lots of room. A couple of years ago as a 63 year old got to see Rory V down in Texas. We question him about the size of the V. It sure seemed like it was a lot smaller than we remember. But, it seems as we were a lot...
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    My Abandoned M715

    Rory So Davey is going to do it?? Did you get the barn build you were talking about to do the restoration in?? I know he will do it like a Marine 3/4 ton. Good luck with it And remember the more pictures the better. Hope all are doing WELL. We are doing well. Take Care...
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    Here is the girl. :-)

    Rory Watch what you say me and the boys may show up on your step again. We would like to do that. But Mike is having health problems. But, he is getting things taken care of. You all that have V-100 are so lucky they are a great machines and they made great history.
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    Here is the girl. :-)

    Jason Great looking V-100. Have you seem David Doyle book "Cadillac Gage V-100 Commando". You should get one it has all types of Vs in it. You know Rory over in Texas and his V-100?? I was a V driver in Nam in '70-'71 and after talking to Rory he invited me and a couple of...
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    Steel Soldiers MV of the YEAR - 2014 VOTE HERE!

    Guys You don't know the amount of lives that Gun Trucks saved in Nam. As a Convoy MP driver of a V-100 when a fire fight started it was great to know the gun trucks were on our side. When they came rolling up the bad guys would cut and run.
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    Proud American Guntruck History

    Guys As an MP driver of a V-100 that ran convoys in Nam. It was great to know that when things went south you had gun trucks in the convoy. Our Vs and the gun trucks stood our ground time and time again. If one of us ran low on ammo we could count on each other for help. When things...
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    Steel Soldiers MV of the YEAR - 2014 VOTE HERE!

    Guys I had an easy vote, let me tell you why. My first convey in Nam was made in a Gun Truck from the 44duce out of Cam Rahn Bay. I don't know if the truck had a name. But I got to go with these guys 3 or 4 times it was great I was on the 50 sometimes and the 60 at others. I tem transfers...
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    International Plastic Modelers Society 2015

    Rory My dad always told me after he retired, It will seem you don't have time for what you want to do. And I in return who say you have an extra 8 hours. He said wait and see. Well, I did and now I know what he means If I don't get the job done today there is always tomorrow. But...
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    International Plastic Modelers Society 2015

    I am an official for high schools, jr highs for about 9 months plus I do summer ball. So I stay busy and out of my wives hair.
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    International Plastic Modelers Society 2015

    Rory I opened the box when I got them looked at itand said that it was going to take way to much time to do it right. If I can't do it right I will not do it. Some day when I am not doing basketball, baseball, softball and volleyball. I might try to do it. Take Care Louie
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    International Plastic Modelers Society 2015

    I have a M706 Commando Armored Car Scale 1/35. I hope to put together some time when I get old. I think it has about as many parts in the kit as a real one has. I had three gave one to the school one of there classes does Military stuff. But, I think it was over there head it has a lot of...
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