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  1. camoyj7

    Lifting a M1031

    Sold to a friend and he added a Hmmwv bumper and spare tire carrier.
  2. camoyj7

    MTVR Turret support part help

    PM me. Have a bunch of turret parts.
  3. camoyj7

    Converting military windshield wiper to civilian

    The wipers from a Freightliner Classic or FLD #18969 78 are 15" and fit just like originals. About $11 ea.
  4. camoyj7

    Buying a MK23...Am I making the right decision?

    Well I just got my non runner with 15 gallons of water in the engine. If anyone is looking at buying a a non runner plan on rebuilding the engine. Gov planet will do nothing for you.
  5. camoyj7

    MTVR Belt

    Anyone have the belt number for an MTVR? Thanks
  6. camoyj7

    Mtvr Height

    Yeah just in case I can't get it running I'll need to haul it. I'm just trying to find actual height of roof without stack. TM shows 141" just under 12' but stack looks to be 12" or more over the height of roof.
  7. camoyj7

    Mtvr Height

    It shows 98" That's the height with top folded down. I know it's taller than 8' with roof on. But thanks anyway.
  8. camoyj7

    Mtvr Height

    Anyone know the height of the roof of the MK23 Mtvr? The t.m. says 141" operation height but that's with stack and air intake.
  9. camoyj7

    Request advice - P400 coming
  10. camoyj7

    Can I run tires without the runflats and PVC inserts?

    I agree with Patracy. Been running MTR's on 24 bolt hmmwv wheels for a long time without run flats. I used ether to seat beads to air mine up.
  11. camoyj7

    Need Hmmwv moved.

    Need a Hmmwv moved from South Boston VA 24592 to Zion IL 60099. Anyone interested shoot me a quote.
  12. camoyj7

    Vacuum pump fix

    Wish I saw that. Would have saved a lot of time.
  13. camoyj7

    Vacuum pump fix

    Didn't see one.
  14. camoyj7

    Vacuum pump fix

    This was my vacuum pump fix. Most of the parts store discontinued selling the vacuum pump for the Cucv's. I found NOS ones for around $150-180 + shipping but didn't want to buy one with a 30 year old rubber diaphragm. I searched vacuum pumps for all other makes and found this one. It's for...
  15. camoyj7

    Serp belt drive

    I saw this on gov planet a few months ago and was wondering if anyone has put a Hmmwv 200 amp alt with serp belt drive.
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