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    did it take only two ramps to make one set of stair?
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    A1R rear axle locker (intermediate axle from MTV) questions.

    you are mistaken....... sorta there are trucks..... with it as you describe... both commercial and military.... but that would be maybe early 90's and older. ... butttt that way of doing it both commercial and military again has begun to be superseded by the way others and myself described...
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    A1R rear axle locker (intermediate axle from MTV) questions.

    the R&P is slightly different inside the middle third of 6x6 compared to the LMTV's.... hence why it has different part numbers to the LMTV's. Question for you Tom do you think: > that likely it is still true.... the R&P is still not same between the High Pinion and the previous OEM LMTV...
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    A1R rear axle locker (intermediate axle from MTV) questions.

    the OEM Meritor locker your thinking of in the 6x6 axle is NOT in the third member.... it is inside the PDB (power divider box - the big jug that juts up off pumpkin that front drive shaft attaches to, and rear drive shaft attached too in a 6x6. ...... The high pinion box (HPB?) shares the...
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    What's this cable on the dash?

    missed the hand throttle hint...... old heater and no shark grill it looked A0
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    What's this cable on the dash?

    something does not wash here. picture of that truck seems to show it is an A0 era truck. An A0 era truck will not have ABS brakes. what engine is in it? What year is it?
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    Winch line capacity

    Gave up on Foers. The complexity and lack of tools and knowledge to engineer myself and too unknown by the avg. good welder/fabricator to make up a Foers installation for me.. Now might change my mind if I can find a way to clone Ronmar and make him a shop slave.... granted also gave up on...
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    Computer or radio dash mount

    from what Ive seen on prices folk sell these for.... waste of time to get a military one... especially since the power supply is useless for the computer you will likely put on there. Get a new one.... or a used one from say a commercial truck, police car, ambulance.... from ebay orrr??
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    Lmtv ctis wheel hardware

    Search "Kneeling valve" leaking. You will find ton of comments on them and about the coins + fill with epoxy trick and part number for the oft time hard to get elbow like used on rear tires that does not have the kneeling valve.
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    Winch question

    how do you get the cable end thru the front rollers? Does the top or bottom plate of rollers come off so you can slip the cable down the center into place?
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    Rhino 5/4 RV

    that was my understanding too. either large inner ring. or run flat.... has to have one of those in there for the 2 piece rim to work.
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    125 MPH Trucks in 1998

    Dakar is every year starting just after first of Jan. This year and likely for next couple years it was in Saudi Arabia. Dont ever miss it. One of the most spectacular motor sport events every year. simple to follow at there is likely tons of youtube videos for this year race...
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    CTIS and Arduino

    yeah I guess you would need an air shut off solenoid in the hose on each wheel that feeds air to the wheel; at minimal, and that seems like it would still get tricky to figure it out.
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    thanks... that lead me to the right place
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    where do you vote. I found past winners... but not where you actually vote
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